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Welcome to Sean Jordan Engineering Ltd

Specialising inSteel Fabrication and Sheet Metal Fabrication

Based in Dungannon, Northern Ireland and operating through the whole of the UK

Welcome to Sean Jordan Engineering Ltd, We are a long established and reputable firm specialising in Structural Engineering, Steel Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Steel erection and tank & silo manufacture. We have approximately 40,000 square feet of fully equipped workshop floor area and all steelwork is shotblasted and primed to the required standards within our own premises.? We operate a strucad system and have a fully automated computerized drill line that can handle orders from 20 to 1000 tonnes.

Our quality of workmanship and durability of our products has brought us many repeat customers.

Contact Us

Sean Jordan Engineering
Tullygiven, Brantry,
Dungannon, Co Tyrone.
BT70 1LH

Telephone : +44(28) 3754 8377
Telephone : +44(28) 3754 8836

Email : info@seanjordanengineering.com

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Structural Steel | Steel Fabrication | Structural Engineering | Sheet Metal Fabrication
Sean Jordan Engineering | Tullygiven, Brantry | Sean Jordan Engineering | Tullygiven | Brantry | Dungannon | Co Tyrone | BT70 1LH
Telephone : +44(28) 3754 8377 | Telephone : +44(28) 3754 8836

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